For over a year, I worked on the graphics team for Vox's tv show Explained on Netflix.
For each episode I was assigned, I storyboarded, designed and animated the bulk of it.

Royalty, Explained:

Royalty, Explained

Country Music, Explained:

Country Music, Explained

Student Loans, Explained:

Skin, Explained

Apologies, Explained:

Apologies, Explained

Skin, Explained:

Skin, Explained

Hurricanes, Explained:

Hurricanes, Explained

Sugar, Explained:
I supported lead animator Marcie LaCerte with a few sections on this episode.

Sugar, Explained

Producers: Adam Cole, Christina Thornell, Haimy Assefa, Liz Rowley
Art Director: Caresse Haaser
Motion Designers: Jackie Lay, Caitlin Cadieux, Marcie LaCerte
Junior Animator: Lynn Hwirin Park
Additional Animation: Po Chen-Chia, John McColgan
Editor: Jan Kobal, Nora Tennessen, Alex Minton
Associate Producers: Joseph Daniel, Jocelyn Ramirez, Tyrice Hester
Archival: Liam Brooks, Arsh Harjani
Narrators: Rosario Dawson, Connie Britton, Edie Falco,
Sophie Okonedo, Keke Palmer, Hector Elizondo
Senior Producer: Cath Spangler
Showrunner: Claire Gordon
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