A Presidential Endorsement


The Road Not Taken


Alicia Keys: We Are Here


Infographics Reel
Select charts and graphics made over many years at The Atlantic.


Home School: Title Sequence


Women + Leadership: Title Sequence


Speech Wars: Title Sequence


Other Title Sequences
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The Atlantic Archive / To Live Deliberately / The Idea File
Animalism / Unpresidented / Argument v.1 / Argument v.2

The Sex Recession

The Sex Recession

David Lynch

David Lynch on Creativity

Visual Histories

A Brief History Of...


Shorts and Title sequences

Obama on Race

President Obama on Race & Criticism

Vox Explained

Vox: Voting, Explained

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income

W. Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell on Finding Your Voice


Mixed-media Reporting

Bold Questions

Bold Questions series

Near Death Experiences

The Science of Near Death Experiences