If I were ruler of the world...
Notable people explain what they would change about the world, such as
restructuring the UN, more transparency in media, or encouraging heavy smoking.

Figures include Slavoj Zizek, Umberto Eco, Steven Pinker, Mohamed ElBaradei,
Ariana Huffington, Karl Knausgaard, Richard Branson, Thomas Friedman & Alain de Botton.
Portraits for Zetland Magazine.

Slavoj Zizek

Umberto Eco

Steven Pinker

Mohamed ElBaradei

Ariana Huffington

Karl Knausgaard

Richard Branson

Thomas Friedman

Alain de Botton


Radio Atlantic
Portraits of the folks behind The Atlantic's first podcast.

Radio Atlantic


EL Haynes

EL Haynes
Sketched Portraits


Hillary for America 2016
Campaign Illustrations


Being Happy with Sugar
Some sweet sweet drawings


826 DC
Magician portraits

Greta Thunberg Portraits

Greta Thunberg

Animated Portraits

Zetland Magazine
Animated portraits

Animated Gifs

Animated Gifs
Animated illustrations

Body Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the Body
Book illustrations


Editorial illustrations